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Calculate the scrap silver prices per gram with our calculator!

Scrap silver prices are determined by a number of factors. The most influencing factor is without doubt the market price of silver that is current during the time of sale of scrap silver. To get a comprehensive idea about silver prices you can visit Royal Gold Buyers. The scrap silver prices per gram has to be found out to ascertain the value of the pure silver content in the silver coin or jewellery. For this measurement,  super sensitive scales are required that can measure silver in grams. All of these facilities are provided by Royal Gold Buyers. The purity of the silver content in the scrap silver has to be determined accurately because silver coins and silver jewellery often have a lot of impurities in the form of alloys.

Silver coins can have a variable silver content that ranges from coins with 90% silver to coins with less than 40% silver. To get the  probably best price Royal Gold Buyers is the name you should trust. Therefore to determine the scrap silver prices of the silver item that you own and want to sell have to accurately tested for purity. The scrap silver prices are also influenced by the spot silver price. Spot basically means the benchmark price calculated per ounce when large chunks of silver are traded. The spot price has to be found out to get a clear indication of the scrap silver prices.

Live purchasing scrap silver prices:

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alloy (fineness)example weightour scrap silver prices
800/1000 silver 1.000 grams £ 250.000
835/1000 silver 1.000 grams £ 261.000
900/1000 silver 1.000 grams £ 281.000
925/1000 sterling silver 1.000 grams £ 289.000

scrap silverRoyal Gold Buyers help customers to determine the value of their scrap silver. We always calculate scrap silver prices per gram. For this we first measure the silver content of the scrap silver. The value of scrap silver is equivalent to the value of the silver content percentage of the spot price. A scrap silver item that has 35% silver would be valued at 35% of the spot price. This would give the price per ounce of the silver. From this the scrap silver prices per gram can be calculated.

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