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Purchase of Gold in Northampton! Calculate the value online!

We at RoyalGoldBuyers purchase gold in Northampton directly from you the customer online, and it may interest you to know that as we are also a mainstream silver dealer in Northampton, we will also purchase silver. Northampton has many avenues for selling precious metals open to you but none of them go to the same lengths to ensure that you, the customer have a completely trouble free experience. And if you want to sell collectible coins, then it’s very likely we will pay far more than you would get from a Northampton coin dealer, so why waste time! You can start the sale to us right now!

RoyalGoldBuyers are proud to offer a complete range of services to help the process of selling, all of which we provide with no charge to you. To start with, if you are able to accurately weigh your gold or silver then simply enter the results into our online live gold calculator which is designed to give you an instant estimate of the true value of your gold. If you find that you cannot weigh the valuables satisfactorily, then we will analyse them for you, conveying them to our experts by a secure courier in whom you can have complete confidence. We provide an innovative SMS gold price alarm which will text you alerts when the value of your metals is rising, and when the market has reached it’s highest, just freeze the price, confident that RoyalGoldBuyers will honour it.

All of these services are offered completely free of charge and above all that, remember that in Northampton, gold prices that you will be offered from a local pawnbroker or other establishments are likely to be much less than RoyalGoldBuyers will pay and we will deliver your money to you via whichever method is most convenient AND with a fast turnaround time!