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Cash for Gold in Belfast

If you are based in Northern Ireland and want to sell gold in Belfast, your solution lies with us, RoyalGoldBuyers. We will help you to sell jewellery in Belfast to us with a variety of services all designed to simplify the often confusing and frustrating process and while there are many high street gold buyers in Belfast, we are confident that few will offer the same high prices that we will pay you when you sell gold in Belfast to us. What is more, with our commitment to the customer, we provide what we believe to be the easiest and fastest way to make cash for gold in Belfast.

If you need to sell jewellery in Belfast and have found it difficult or impossible to weigh the items yourself due to the composite nature of jewellery, then we will collect and courier the precious items securely to our analytical teams who will disassemble them and send the jewels straight back to you. We then provide a valuation based on the weight of the metal alone, taking all the hassle out of the evaluation process. There really is no more straightforward way to sell jewellery in Belfast!

As highly regarded and well reviewed gold buyers in Belfast, we offer further services, all free of charge, to facilitate the sale and make it as easy as possible for you to make cash for gold in Belfast. Just weigh the items at home and enter the figure into our unique online gold price calculator, an innovative system that will give you a valuation straight away. Then keep appraised of the market forces with our SMS based gold price alarm, which texts you updates when the value of gold and silver is increasing and once you are ready to make cash for gold in Belfast, we will let you freeze the price at it’s highest to protect you from dips in the market. No other organisation offers all of these exclusive services, making RoyalGoldBuyers, Belfast’s number one solution when you want to release the equity in your precious metals.