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gold cartWe buy gold, dental gold, jewellery and more for cash in Basildon!

Do you have precious metals to sell, but just can’t get their real value? Are you frustrated by jewellers trying to short change you? We are the premium gold buyers in and around Basildon and we will give you the true market price for your valuables. Whether you are selling jewellery or dental gold, scrap gold or bars, we offer cash for gold, silver and platinum.

Our live gold calculator can tell you just what the current market prices are for precious metals, so that you can easily see what your valuables are worth from the comfort of your own home. We will even have the items collected by our secure service and pay you by posting the cash or by a bank transfer.

And our service isn’t just sedate, simple and secure – we offer you the best prices around for silver and gold! We have a great track record, to which our excellent customer reviews testify. Nothing is easier than dealing with the best!

Scrap gold, dental gold, jewellery or coins: we will give you cash for gold, silver or platinum, so if you are selling gold in Basildon, our prices are hard to beat anywhere in the UK! Some of our customers sell several kilograms or gold bars or scrap gold, whilst others just want to sell a silver necklace to get through a tough time. Either way, the people of Basildon want to get money for value and we offer it in abundance.

Don’t just take our word for it; read our customer reviews, visit the competition in Basildon, have your property valued.

In fact we offer an easy to use LIVE gold calculator that gives you up-to-date values for all kinds of precious metals from silver and gold to platinum and palladium. And if you have a piece of jewellery to sell you can send it to us from Basildon for valuation.

Nothing could be easier than taking advantage of our excellent customer service and nothing is more satisfying than having a fair amount of cash in hand after a successful transaction.

You don’t need to be satisfied with the offers pawnshops and jewellers make in and around Basildon. We buy gold and silverware at levels that are dictated by the London commodities market, so that you can get the real value out of your valuables in Basildon. Our prices can be look up using the gold calculator, which is updated to the current prices every 60 seconds Monday to Friday.

Sell your coins (krugers/krugerrands, sovereigns, …), silverware, dental gold or scrap gold. We will give you cash for gold and cash for silver. We will buy your precious metals and leave you holding the money. All from the comfort of your own home. Just pack up the items you wish to sell in an air-cushioned envelope or parcel and we will have them collected from your Basildon home by our secure service. It will only take a few days until you receive the money, either in cash or by bank transfer, whichever you prefer.

If you look at everything we have to offer you will find us unbeaten in all of Basildon!Sell gold coins to us!